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Under this page you will find a variety of resources we hope that you find helpful. There is information on codes and regulations, building supplies and materials, as well as information on our business practices, etc.. The current library is not as developed as we want it to be so don't be afraid to check in as we add new information. Please feel free to contact us if there is specific information that you would like to see or have suggestions on improvemts. We will do our best to update this regularly and have the most current information.

All About Plumbing

There are so... many brands with so... many models it is impossible to go to one location and see them all. We have created a growing list for you from many of the wonderful plumbing manufacturers. Although there are some brands that we use more frequently all the these manufactures have high quality products that you will be delighted to have in your home. Keep in mind that some of the more popular and recognizable manufacturers have extensive lines of product that range in cost and quality. No matter what brand you select, try to look for a product in above average quality. We suggest staying away from the homeowner/builder quality that you would normally find at the big box stores. The modest additional expense will be rewarded with a long lasting quality product. If you need help in making a selection please let us know.

All About Quartz

There are so... many brands with so... many looks and textures it is impossible to go to one location and see them all. We have created a list for you from many of the best known and regarded quartz manufacturers. All the these manufactures have high quality products that you will be a compliment to your kitchen or bathroom. From here we suggest you develop a short list of possible colors and manufacturers. Once you have the short list we can direct you to a location where our suppliers or fabricator has a showroom sample for you to see. Keep in mind that all quartz manufacturers have varying lines of product that range in cost and quality. When establishing your quartz budget keep in mind the per slab price so you can more easily compare materials cost. Also know that some manufacturers produce slabs in different size formats. The standard size format is generally 55" x 120" and the jumbo slab format is generally 63" x 128", however, not all slabs are available in both size formats. Some manufacturers make slabs in standard or jumbo, but not both. That will be important cost consideration if your choice only comes in a jumbo format and all you need is a small bathroom vanity top. The thickness of the slab is another consideration. Manufacturers generally make two thicknesses, 2cm (approx. 25/32") and 3cm (approx 1 3/16") but are not readily available in all areas of the country. The cost is retaliative to the slab thickness. The thicker the slab the more expensive it is. 2cm is the most common on the west coast but it is good to know what product you are getting. In any case, we will calculate the number of slabs needed for your project in our quote.

If you have a small project you might consider a remnant. Unfortunately, remnants are on an as available basis so plan on not being to picky, but there are some great deals that you might not otherwise get. Let us know if your project is small and may be a candidate for a remnant.

Edge profile, or the front leading edge of the counter, is the last thing to consider. There are a dozen or so edge profiles and we have attached a sheet for you to review. The standard profiles are the most frequently used and the most popular. The upgraded profiles are less popular and have an additional cost per foot.

*Pre-1978s homeowners, please ckick the following link to learn more about the EPA's Renovate Right program: EPA Renovate Right

Homeowners Worksheet - a comparison worksheet to help you in your contractor search.
Homeowners Worksheet

HEPA - High-Efficiency Particulate Air