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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Elvetra, CA Kitchens are where all the sumptuous meals are prepared and cooked for the family and their guests to enjoy. Be it a midnight snack, a dinner fare, or a weekend menu, the food being prepared must be in an environment that is hygienic, well-appointed, and properly designed. As such, the kitchen must be in A1 condition at all times. Now, if you’re a kitchen remodel, the task should be given to professionals like us at Bassett Building and Construction.

Our company has been remodeling kitchens for residential clients in Northern California. Our crews have handled many challenging remodeling projects for decades, so they can always meet and even exceed client expectations. We are the experts in kitchen remodeling as proven by countless satisfied clients from Elverta, South Lake Tahoe, and other CA locations. We provide value-for-money remodeling services that would give you the best kitchen possible. Call us soon.

Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Here at Bassett Building and Construction, we have outstanding kitchen remodeling ideas that clients could get inspiration from. Here are some of the remodeling options that we typically recommend to our clients:

  • Replacement of old cabinetry. If the existing kitchen cabinetry is already outdated or looking worn out, we suggest installing new cabinets. We have people who can design and build your custom cabinets that will maximize the available space and offer you the storage space that you need.
  • Installation of new sinks and faucets. These days, there are modern sinks and faucets with sensors that make washing dishes or ingredients hands free and convenient. Our people ensure that the sinks and faucets we will install are top-quality and made by leading companies.
  • Countertop replacement. Let us infuse a fresh look into your kitchen by installing a stylish countertop. Be it granite, marble, quartz, or solid surface, our crews can install the perfect countertop that is both functional and attractive. The countertops that we install will last for decades because they are durable and resilient to wear and tear.
  • Custom lighting. You should move around safely and free in your kitchen, so proper lighting is a must. Accordingly, our people can install the best-quality lighting fixtures that would make food preparation faster and safer.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Bassett Building and Construction is a fully licensed home remodeling contractor operating in Northern California. Our remodeling team is composed of creative designers, certified installers, licensed masons and plumbers, and other professionals who are well-experienced in kitchen remodeling jobs. We have the tools and equipment, as well as the needed resource to complete any kind of kitchen improvement project. Our easy access to premium materials allows us to create your desired functionality and look for your kitchen. We can easily transform your old kitchen into a more functional and appealing kitchen area with the quality brands that we will have for your kitchen fixtures and accessories – from sinks and faucets to cabinetry and lighting.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (916) 992-1138 for more details on our kitchen remodeling services. We also offer free cost estimates so you will have an idea about the possible cost of your planned kitchen improvement. View Kitchen Remodeling Ideas »
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